Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Liefde" Retail Design WEBSITE & VIDEO

One thing that's always been stuck in my mind with our first introduction to the Interior Design department at Ringling were the interior animation projects they showed us to get us all excited about what laid ahead. In Interior Design there is SO much that we learn that does not even show visually in our projects. It's all knowledge about accessibility issues and guidelines, building codes, sustainability features and LEED points, and tons of technical data about material durability testing and fire ratings.

With this animation project however, the focus was solely on the visual design and the WOW factor. From the start I decided that I had to make this my pride and joy. I wanted to anything and everything to make this project beyond what I had imagined for it. I really am very happy with it. I think the song is what drove me to love the whole process of this project as much as I did. I enjoyed the level of commitment it required, I couldn't keep my mind away from it and dreaded leaving the labs for sleep.

It's projects like this that just further refine our skills for super-efficient time management and abilities to improvise and make something work when you encounter unexpected difficulties, because you really have to learn to be innovative so you can move on to the next thing and not lose any time. The visual quality is much better than shown here on youtube and the colors look very washed out compared to the original, but here it is!


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