Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Liefde" Retail Store Design - Digital Design Studio - 3rd Year

My design philosophy for this retail store is to design a space where the customer can feel upon entering the store the feeling of embarking on a visual journey. While walking through the store, the colors throughout will transform from a yellowish-green to a rusty-orange and finally to a deep red, symbolizing the transformation of the leaves.

Opacity, light, and color being emphasized is inspired by the visual of looking up into trees and seeing the leaves illuminated from the light shining through and around their colorful silhouettes.

Concept Collage:

Floor Plan with designated spaces & Perspective drawing of the facade:

AutoCAD drafted elevations of the facade & Interior elevations:

Hand rendered color options for the facade:

Examples of how certain elements throughout the store were inspired:

Progress screenshots while building in 3ds Max:

Computer renderings of the facade:

Computer rendered birds-eye view showing color-changing floor inlays of leaves:

Accessories Display/ Lounge/ Shoe Display/ Fitting Rooms:

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