Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restaurant Design In Progress...

This is a conceptual perspective for my restaurant design. I learned SketchUp this summer, and utilized that with hand-rendering as well as some photoshopping for a completely different look that I'm used to doing. It felt so good to break away from the 3dsMax photo-realistic perspectives...this technique just feels to me to have more soul and life. It's a rough process perspective- but it's the feeling of the restaurant that I wanted to convey. The final project will be posted mid-December!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Best of Ringling 2010!!

The annual Best of Ringling Show in April this year was so amazing, especially since each major received their very own gallery space with all the new buildings on campus. It seems like the Best Of show is becoming bigger every year since I've been at Ringling which is really great. For the Interior Design Department this year we had a special guest judge to select projects for the show. The judge was Sascha Wagner!...noted designer and Ringling graduate from Huntsman Architectural Group in California.

Of the projects that I submitted for consideration to be displayed in the Best Of show, four of my pieces were selected by him :). Two of those four projects won prizes: "Best Use of Materials & Finishes" (1st image) selected by Sascha Wagner, and the "President's Award" (video) selected by Ringling's President Dr. Thompson. I am beyond grateful for the recognition and to have been placed alongside all the other amazing projects at the show. I'm looking forward to next year's Best Of show, which will also be my last at Ringling. 

Corporate Office Design:

Residential Design:

Light Fixture Design:
Retail Store Design & Animation:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Light Fixture Design - Lighting - 3rd Year

Looking back, it feels like this project happened within the time span of a week. Interesting process to say the least...most of the ideas came through sporadic bursts of inspiration. The design was for the Robert Bruce Thompson Annual Student Light Fixture Competition. It was a refreshing challenge compared to designing an interior, because an interior of a building has so many layers of information that your eye has to sift through, whereas a light fixture is a single object, and any imperfections are staring you in the face.

The greatest challenge for me was finding inspiration for a design that was extremely simple yet timeless and elegant. I wanted to steer clear of any "decoration" or unnecessary frills for the light fixture. Added on to that, to abide by the competition rules, it had to be an exterior porch light fixture and had to take into consideration light pollution and efficient use of energy. I also learned how to wire a light fixture and all the components that it needs to operate through the technical drawings, which was actually enjoyable considering I only had a vague idea that I was doing it correctly, haha.

The inspiration came from a chair I found online, European designer Dima Loginoff's "Dounyasha" chair...unbelievably gorgeous. That led to me making a model of the light out of wire and paper, to get a better idea of how it would look from various angles. I'm satisfied with the final outcome of the four boards, but the 3d modeling of the fixture could be tremendously improved. It'll add some variety to my portfolio. The winners of the competition will be announced we'll see!