Sunday, September 6, 2009

Residential Design - Digital Rendering 3ds Max - 2nd Year

Our second project for Digital Rendering using 3ds Max software. The design was for a residence and we were give free reign over the design. The concept is “Liquid Mercury”. I had a blast incorporating the concept throughout the space. I tried to make the space feel as warm as possible since "liquid metal" does not sound very cozy to begin with. Most of the color palette is neutral with occasional touches of high-gloss lavender walls. It's definitely more on the sophisticated side - not very child-friendly, but this design style is overall something very different for me and I enjoyed pushing myself outside of what I was previously comfortable with.

Bubble Diagram:                                        Schematic Floor Plan:

Final Floor Plan:
Kitchen Elevation:                             Bedroom Elevation:
Hand Rendered Floor Plan:
Hand Rendered Kitchen Elevation:                       Hand Rendered Bedroom Elevation:
Building the shell in 3d Design Studio:                                     Working on placing lighting:

Living Room:
Living/Dining/Office View:
Dining Room with mercury bubble wall and chandelier:

Home Office:

Axonometric Views:
Presentation Boards:


  1. Omg those renderings are AMAZING! I really need to learn how to render because I failed part of my design module. How did you do the picture of the office with the view of the garden? Did you draw them on 3ds max or on autocad first. And I love the way you still include hand rendered drawings in your presentation. It makes it more real and somehow shoes that this product does not exist yet but it is not a virtual thing!

  2. Hi, you came in and talked to us as freshmen last year in DCC 1! I was Googling advice on how to do my first hand rendered floor plan, found this site and started scrolling through, then realized I recognized it!